Awaiting Boaz: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 The dinner party went off without a hitch. Almost. After Lettie had arrived back home from the grocery store, she grabbed as many bags as she could and stumbled into the house, laden with food and supplies. Thankfully, Braxton was walking past the front door and witnessed Lettie almost fall over the threshold … Continue reading Awaiting Boaz: Chapter 3


Awaiting Boaz: Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 “There is no point in singing the ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’ song at this stage in my life. I made my bed five years ago. I’ve been lying in it ever since. Is there any point in looking back over the choices I made? Who wants to reflect on their life and realize the … Continue reading Awaiting Boaz: Chapter 1

Awaiting Boaz: Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 Lettie rushed through the supermarket gathering anything and everything she might need for the impromptu dinner party. She only had a few hours to clean up, cook a large meal for ten people, and make herself presentable to Braxton's standard. Thank God the market was mostly empty. No long lines. No one was … Continue reading Awaiting Boaz: Chapter 2


Suffering Happiness in Silence

Anyone who follows my writing should know by now that depression has been a struggle of mine for almost 20 years. My issues stem from a horrendous self-image and a perpetual state of stress. Shout out to being a Pisces. Anyway, my issues nowadays are much better. I still have my down periods of worry … Continue reading Suffering Happiness in Silence


Not Quite Right

Always trust your intuition. That was the lesson Erica learned. She knew from the first moment she laid her eyes on Frank and felt the pit of her stomach plummet that something was wrong. She always knew something was not quite right. Her mouth suddenly dry, Erica set her morning paper down on the kitchen … Continue reading Not Quite Right



For any other 12-year-old, summer vacation is supposed to be a time of fun and the occasional mischievous deed. Those are the months the youth look forward to all year long as they drag themselves to and from school. Never mind the sweltering Virginia heat. The sun's rays bouncing off the cracked pavement surrounding Marquis … Continue reading Hair


To Mom, From Her Offspring

Why do we love our mom? Because she put up with us, that's why. You had moi, the eldest, who was basically the Vanessa Huxtable of the group because while I didn't mess up often, when I did I messed up BIG. Case in point, I only ditched school once in her care. I still … Continue reading To Mom, From Her Offspring


Falling Half in Love with Strangers

Sigh…you gotta love great storytelling.

When Do I Get The Manual?


I love being able to express myself in writing.

It feels more accurate somehow than speaking words. Talking for me can sometimes feel like playing tennis with a colander; I mean, it’s possible, I can do it, but it’s not ideal. The ball goes over the net, but just about. It goes where I want it to go… more or less. I can’t be sure it’ll hit it’s mark, but I can hope. Later, I’ll go home and think about how I could have done it some other, better way.

Writing is different.

Writing is a tennis racket. When I’m writing, I have the time to think about what I’m trying to say, and then mentally flip through millions of words looking for the one that slots into my sentence like that Tetris block you’ve been waiting five minutes for; the one that gives you a combo and wipes the…

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The dreaded "R" word

When A Writer is Told “No”

If a writer ever says they were never told "no," they're either lying or they're a damn unicorn because writers that always hear "yes" don't exist. If you want to put your words out to the masses, be prepared for a lot of rejection. It's the one experience every writer encounters at some point, once … Continue reading When A Writer is Told “No”


The Importance of Maintaining Your Relationships

If no one ever told you how important it is to maintain your relationships, then I'll take this opportunity to do it. Maintain your damn relationships. Think about it like this: If you ever owned a vehicle, you know the importance of upkeep. You have to get oil changes, new tires, keep it gassed, buy … Continue reading The Importance of Maintaining Your Relationships