The dreaded "R" word

When A Writer is Told “No”

If a writer ever says they were never told "no," they're either lying or they're a damn unicorn because writers that always hear "yes" don't exist. If you want to put your words out to the masses, be prepared for a lot of rejection. It's the one experience every writer encounters at some point, once … Continue reading When A Writer is Told “No”


Struggling with Depression

Something else has been nagging me for pretty much all of 2016. No matter how much I ignored it or tried to say it was something else, in the recesses of my overworked mind, I knew exactly what my problem was. For the first time in a long time, though, I didn't know how to … Continue reading Struggling with Depression

I Read the Comments to my Essay about Race…Like an Idiot

Look, I never hide the fact that I'm curious by nature. If I have questions, I need answers. Last night, my question was, "I wonder what people think about my essay?" My answer: to read the comments section. I bet I won't do that again. Let me give a little back story. Yesterday, a pitch … Continue reading I Read the Comments to my Essay about Race…Like an Idiot


Write What You Know…Or Not

Seems like nowadays I'm getting ideas from any and everywhere. Whether I'm having a bland conversation with a coworker or daydreaming in line at Starbucks, inspiration can strike at any time. I am so loving it. That wasn't always the case, though. Since I was young I had the idea drilled into me that great … Continue reading Write What You Know…Or Not


Not Just a “Black” Girl: How Personal Identity Should Be More than Race

I am often approached by people who are curious to know what I am. If I were to use sarcasm, as I am apt to do, I would reply "I'm human," but I know that is not what is meant when people inquire about my pedigree. Throughout the years, I have experienced several negative encounters … Continue reading Not Just a “Black” Girl: How Personal Identity Should Be More than Race


Challenge to Myself

Life is funny. As soon as you set your mind out to do something you really want to do, something wholly unpredictable presents itself. In my case this was a new home in a new state, a new full-time job, and a suddenly overflowing school schedule. Oh, and a social life. That last one came … Continue reading Challenge to Myself


Going Back to Basics

Sometimes I get extremely frustrated trying to find something to write about. It's not that I don't have ideas. I have plenty. The problem lies in picking a subject worth writing about from the plethora of random topics floating around my over-worked mind. I find it even more frustrating when trying to pinpoint a good … Continue reading Going Back to Basics


To Adam From Eve

As tradition dictates,The mistress never wins.But what happens when the mistressIs already the wife?Confusion swirled in your lifeAnd now you've made your bedWith the one you should have left.Only to leave me,Your Honey,Hidden away as your other.Why couldn't you see meFor who I was?Why assume the ex was the one?Familiarity is strong, huh?You cling to … Continue reading To Adam From Eve


Angel of Light

I don't know how much more I can take, I thought. I can't wait for this to be over. I leaned over my bedridden father as I buttoned his pajama top. My drab brown hair hung in his face, but I knew it didn't bother him. Ever since his stroke, he couldn't feel much of anything. … Continue reading Angel of Light



As the first woman Reached high for that forbidden treasure After temptation fell in place And her battle was lost, I reached for you. Bitten by the snake, I was Blinded by the lust to taste that fruit Only to find my eyes opened To the inevitability of my demise. Why? I knew better than … Continue reading Apple