To Adam From Eve


As tradition dictates,

The mistress never wins.

But what happens when the mistress

Is already the wife?

Confusion swirled in your life

And now you’ve made your bed

With the one you should have left.

Only to leave me,

Your Honey,

Hidden away as your other.

Why couldn’t you see me

For who I was?

Why assume the ex was the one?

Familiarity is strong, huh?

You cling to her,

Expecting your blessings to flow

But you know

That you only see peace

When you’re with me.

I keep you strong

As woman should her man,

An Eve for an Adam.

We are connected by a thread

You cannot sever.

No matter how hard you try

To make the counterfeit fit

In your life

She’s not your Wife…

She leaves you open,

Uncovered, unsafe.

Chaos follows wherever she dwells

But you insist she is the one.

…yet you cannot lose me…

Maybe one day soon

My love,

You’ll see me for who I am:

Your helpmate,

Your companion,

Your wife,

Your heart…  


**This is a companion piece for “Apple.”

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