Not Quite Right

Always trust your intuition. That was the lesson Erica learned. She knew from the first moment she laid her eyes on Frank and felt the pit of her stomach plummet that something was wrong. She always knew something was not quite right. Her mouth suddenly dry, Erica set her morning paper down on the kitchen … Continue reading Not Quite Right



For any other 12-year-old, summer vacation is supposed to be a time of fun and the occasional mischievous deed. Those are the months the youth look forward to all year long as they drag themselves to and from school. Never mind the sweltering Virginia heat. The sun's rays bouncing off the cracked pavement surrounding Marquis … Continue reading Hair

Not Just a “Black” Girl: How Personal Identity Should Be More than Race

I am often approached by people who are curious to know what I am. If I were to use sarcasm, as I am apt to do, I would reply "I'm human," but I know that is not what is meant when people inquire about my pedigree. Throughout the years, I have experienced several negative encounters … Continue reading Not Just a “Black” Girl: How Personal Identity Should Be More than Race


As the first woman Reached high for that forbidden treasure After temptation fell in place And her battle was lost, I reached for you. Bitten by the snake, I was Blinded by the lust to taste that fruit Only to find my eyes opened To the inevitability of my demise. Why? I knew better than … Continue reading Apple