As the first woman

Reached high for that forbidden treasure

After temptation fell in place

And her battle was lost,

I reached for you.

Bitten by the snake, I was

Blinded by the lust to taste that fruit

Only to find my eyes opened

To the inevitability of my demise.


I knew better than to touch much less taste.

Yes, I know, Father said you’d be bad for me

But oh what a taste it was.

Now naked I stand before you,

My soul barren

Except for the knowledge of my mistake.

But how could I resist you?

Perfect you were though not mine to sample.

From you I now know sin.

Such a luscious treat to cause so many difficulties…

Alas I know better now

Than to fall into the trap of the Serpent yet again.

One bite was enough for me.

The scent, the flavor, the feel of your sweet flesh

Is branded in my mind

Never to be replaced by another.

A constant reminder of my weakness.


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