Suffering Happiness in Silence

Anyone who follows my writing should know by now that depression has been a struggle of mine for almost 20 years. My issues stem from a horrendous self-image and a perpetual state of stress. Shout out to being a Pisces. Anyway, my issues nowadays are much better. I still have my down periods of worry … Continue reading Suffering Happiness in Silence


A Personal Look at Insecurity

So you love him, but you don't trust him? You'll share your body with him, but you won't let him into your innermost thoughts? You say he's different from the rest, and yet you still compare him to every man who's hurt you? How does that work? I know the first few lines insinuated that it's women … Continue reading A Personal Look at Insecurity

Letting Go of Baggage

The past is the past, right? It can't be changed, though it can be recollected. Memories are all we have to link us to our history outside of whatever physical consequences we managed to carry into the present. Tangible or not, it doesn't matter. A past is something we share with everyone and no one. So, why keep … Continue reading Letting Go of Baggage


The Power of Submission

When I was a little girl, I remember seeing my mom working in the kitchen almost every night putting together a meal for my then stepfather. She'd cook, fix his plate first, then mine and my brothers, and finally hers. Anything he needed, she got up and got. When it was over, he retired to...wherever. … Continue reading The Power of Submission



Rest assured, dear readers, this piece isn't about the now defunct video store or any big budget summer movies. Nope, this is all about love. That type of love that slowly gnaws at your soul piece by piece until it's officially torn in half. Kinda like a Horcrux minus all the Voldemort. I'm talking about … Continue reading Blockbuster


Poor Little “Black” Girl (Excerpt)

I consider myself a mutt. That is not the most politically correct of terms, but it gets my point across. I'm black and Puerto Rican, yet I do not look like either. I look like an “other.” Because of my long, blackish hair and sienna skin tone with slight olive hue, many people think I … Continue reading Poor Little “Black” Girl (Excerpt)


So Disrespectful

I like to think of myself as a very optimistic person with a pleasant countenance--most days, anyway--and the ability to give second chances. However, for one unlucky lady today, those second chances became extinct.Do not pass "Go." Do not collect 200 dollars. The idea of respect is not difficult to comprehend, but for some reason it … Continue reading So Disrespectful