So Disrespectful

I like to think of myself as a very optimistic person with a pleasant countenance–most days, anyway–and the ability to give second chances. However, for one unlucky lady today, those second chances became extinct.

Do not pass “Go.” Do not collect 200 dollars. 

The idea of respect is not difficult to comprehend, but for some reason it escapes the mental grasp of much of the public. Or at least it escapes a majority of the people I work with. Either way, it’s frustrating as hell that such a simple concept is either misunderstood or ignored, and those who try to abide by the rules of respect are left to pick up the pieces. This seems to occur quite often at my place of employment. Shame on it all.

What is respect? Simply put, it is doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s common courtesy. It’s appreciation. It’s knowing your place and playing your role. 

Today, none of that was considered when a subordinate employee took it upon herself to question my authority. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with that; people question authority all the time. However, for this person to interrupt me while I was providing instructions to another employee to tell him what she wanted him to do was flat out rude. And this was done three times with three different workers. Not only that, but this employee also had a nasty attitude all day, ignored my general instructions, and tried several times to go over my head whenever I made an executive decision on how I was going to run our project. No respect was given. No consideration to me as a supervisor or even as a person. Nothing. 

So disrespectful.

This irritated me for a moment, I must admit, and rightfully so. Respect is constantly preached about, sought, and desired. For it to be completely thrown out of a window for something so frivolous is beyond stupid. 

What was frivolous, you ask? The fact that this employee was angry because I am a part of the management team running the show and she has no real authority. I have the full backing of my superiors while she resorts to intimidating other coworkers into believing she has clout within the organization. 

Now ask me if I care. 

I had to work a nine hour shift on very little sleep after a highly stressful week. The last thing I needed was to be undermined from beginning to end. We have work to do, and since all of my employees and coworkers are adults I expect that work to be completed accordingly. Foul attitudes, grumbling, backstabbing, and underhanded behavior are neither desired nor required. But it’s okay. Unlike some people, I understand the concept of respect, and I have respectfully followed my organization’s chain of command in reference to insubordination, with a Coke and a smile, of course.

We’ll see if she’s still disrespectful tomorrow. 


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