About Kris M. Bell

Hello there! I suppose I should get the obvious out of the way first: I love to write. Writing is something that has been in me since I first learned to hold a pencil. The only thing I love to do more than write is read, but I suppose those two interests go hand-in-hand.

My interests are all over the place, so my writing tends to be a bit eclectic. That’s okay, though. It prevents me from from becoming dull, which I’m sure any readers will appreciate.

One day I might write about a random observation, another day will be a poem. Perhaps I might feel a little academic and decide to scribe about psychology, or maybe I’ll have a humorous mood that spawns flash fiction stories. Regardless of the variety of subjects my blogs will possess, it is my hope that everyone who visits my page will be entertained, enlightened, or educated by the words I share. So feel free to sneak a peek and enjoy.

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