Isabel – Sunday Sample (What A Person Wants)

I reluctantly ended the call after Richie's phone had rung a couple of times. I didn't even know why I bothered calling. Wait. Yes I do. I missed him. I had only been in Texas for three days, but I missed my friend. Of course, I also missed Tara and Rhys, but I missed Richie … Continue reading Isabel – Sunday Sample (What A Person Wants)

what a person wants excerpt

Sample Sunday — What A Person Wants

RICHIE I hadn't heard from Isabel all week. Not since the one time she called and hung up the evening I confronted Chloe about messing up my car. I didn't know how to feel about that. Part of me was happy my friend was spending time with her man. I knew Isabel's limited communication with … Continue reading Sample Sunday — What A Person Wants

Excerpt- What A Person Wants

The look on Isabel’s face when we walked into Toriello’s was priceless. The huge restaurant doubled as a club with two upstairs dance floors: one for the smooth types who just desire good music, strong drinks and a grown and sexy atmosphere, and the other for the diehard dancers who needed to sweat out a … Continue reading Excerpt- What A Person Wants


Debut Novel Cover Reveal: What A Person Wants

What happens when your idea of a perfect mate is tested? Isabel is an aspiring writer engaged to her very own Prince Charming. But when he goes away on a work assignment and fails to return home, Isabel begins to suspect her prince is not who she thinks he is. Richie is successful in every … Continue reading Debut Novel Cover Reveal: What A Person Wants


What A Person Wants: Debut Novel Excerpt

A small glimpse into the debut novel, What A Person Wants, by Kris M. Bell. Coming soon!


What A Person Wants (Extended Excerpt)

            “Mama, maybe this is a sign telling you to leave Petey alone,” I said as my mother slammed her cordless phone on its cradle for the millionth time since I arrived.  Well, actually, it was the twelfth time in the last half hour.            “Look, Izzy,” my mother said to me … Continue reading What A Person Wants (Extended Excerpt)


What A Person Wants

What do you do when the thing you want the most is the very thing destroying you?         I could’ve stayed in bed a lot longer if it wasn’t for my phone ringing off the damn hook.  I rolled over on to the edge of my king sized bed and made a blind grab … Continue reading What A Person Wants