Everything is Everything


I wasn’t going to write today, not unless it was an academic necessity, but I have a thought I need to get out of my head. Well, it’s more like a vent, a rant, a rave, a SOMETHING that needs to exit my mind so I can stop facepalming. As it stands, my face is aching and my hand is sore. So, this little one-sided discussion is probably needed.

Anyway, my issue is generalization. In case you don’t know the term, to generalize something basically means you make a general statement or assumption about an entire subject based on a specific incident. For instance, the statement “all women can cook” is a generalization. Everyone knows at least one person who should never step foot inside a kitchen much less touch a stove.

The problem with generalizations is that people make them all the time without taking any exceptions to the rule into account. You either are or you’re not. You’re either in or you’re out. You’re either black or you’re white.

I mean, damn, can I be gray for a minute?

Look, not everyone fits into those neat little cookie cutter ideas you have about a specific group. Instead of bashing everyone because of one experience or even a handful of similar experiences, try getting to know the person first. Or better yet, stop assuming.

Now, I won’t lie; I’ve made general statements. However, I know the difference between making a general statement for effect and making a general statement because I believe it. It’s the latter part that’s frustrating to me. Because of generalizations, someone has not been given a fair chance to explain his point of view, or to explain who he is. Because of generalizations, someone is looking at another with distrust and distaste. Because of generalizations, I have now logged off Facebook, the current source of my frustrations, for an undetermined length of time.

…Now that I think about it, I probably should have just done that to begin with…

My point still stands, though. So, please, cease and desist all of this unnecessary generalizing. Pretty please? With sprinkles on top?

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