You probably don’t need me to tell you that trust is a fragile thing. That when it’s broken after years of building on a foundation of vulnerability and reciprocity, you feel as though you can never again get back to that place of faith in another person. That’s basically what trust is: faith in someone other than yourself. It’s not easy to build, but it only takes a second to crumple. If you’ve lived more than five seconds on this earth, you really don’t need me to explain to you the pain behind the realization that you can’t trust someone anymore. Chances are you’ve already felt that pain. At least once.

Can you open up your home to someone you don’t know but is in need? Can you trust them with your personal space, your belongings, your kindness, your life? Can you allow someone who shattered your heart to hold it again? Can you even attempt to rebuild that foundation with the rubble after years of deception or jealousy? Can you open yourself up to another like a book waiting to be read with your most private fears laid bare? With your most intimate details? With your darkest aspirations?

Can you?

Could I?


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