Rest assured, dear readers, this piece isn't about the now defunct video store or any big budget summer movies. Nope, this is all about love. That type of love that slowly gnaws at your soul piece by piece until it's officially torn in half. Kinda like a Horcrux minus all the Voldemort. I'm talking about … Continue reading Blockbuster

The Plight of the “Good Man”

Sometimes I can't help but to sit back and observe the world as it passes by. I keep my head down and my eyes open. So suffice it to say that I notice a lot of... stuff. Let's get the obvious out of the way first. From the title you can probably guess that I … Continue reading The Plight of the “Good Man”


You probably don't need me to tell you that trust is a fragile thing. That when it's broken after years of building on a foundation of vulnerability and reciprocity, you feel as though you can never again get back to that place of faith in another person. That's basically what trust is: faith in someone … Continue reading Fragile